Ortho-k Patient Testimonials


Emma Goudge | Paramedic

Working in all weathers, attending accidents and delivering babies in confined spaces can be quite demanding, especially when trying to keep my glasses on the end of my nose!

I tried various soft contact lenses, but with poor tear exchange they dried out and became uncomfortable. I didn't want laser surgery, so my optician suggested that I tried ortho-k. I haven't stopped smiling since and it's made such a huge difference to my personal life too!

Emma Goudge Ortho-k Testimonial

Carly Wilson Ortho-k Testimonial

Carly Wilson | Taekwondo Champion

On an international level I compete for England, but this tough demanding contact sport does not allow glasses. For me, soft contact lenses dry out or become dislodged and I am too young for laser surgery.

My optician suggested ortho-k and it really has been the answer to my prayers. I have perfect vision all day and now I won't have to consider laser surgery. My optician also mentioned the potential of slowing my myopia.

Shaur Regan Ortho-k Testimonial

Shaun Regan | International Wheelchair Tennis Player

After an accident that left me in a wheelchair, I started playing wheelchair tennis. 6 years ago I started taking it more seriously, representing my country. I wore spectacles to correct my short sight for many years but I started ortho-k ago so that I could be free from spectacles when playing. It also meant that I could wear non-prescription sports sunglasses, easily.

I have never regretted the decision to try ortho-k! The fitting process was straightforward and now all I have to do is attend routine 6 monthly aftercare checks. I would recommend it to anyone.

Laura Baily-rae Ortho-k Testimonial

Laura Baily-Rae | Perfect Vision

Being dependant on my daily lenses and specs at the age of 21, my optician introduced me to ortho-k lenses. After a few days wear I noticed a big difference and by the end of the week my vision was perfect.

The biggest advantage of ortho-k is that it has slowed down the deterioration of my eyesight; my prescription hasn’t changed for at least 3 years now! I’ll never go back to glasses or daily lenses.

Rikhil Rughani Ortho-k Testimonial

Rikhil Rughani | Sports Enthusiast

I started Orthokeratology treatment when I was eleven and a half (4 years ago). Before I began, I was generally wearing glasses and soft contact lenses for sport. I didn’t like this variation as I played sport quiet often, so my Dad recommended ortho-k to me. I thought the idea sounded fantastic and so I tried it.

It was bewildering that I didn’t have anything in my eyes and yet I could still see perfectly. It meant that I could now, for the first time ever, see clearly underwater. I also didn’t have to worry about my soft lenses drying up towards the end of the day or having to constantly adjust my glasses so they stayed up to my eye level.

Ortho-k is truly amazing and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Anne Berry Ortho-k Testimonial

Anne Berry | Happy Mum

Ortho-k has made my daughter’s life a lot easier. She is more confident at doing more sports, especially swimming. Swimming wasn’t allowed with goggles before with her daily disposable contacts but now she doesnt have to worry.

Adrian, our optician, has kept an eye on how her eyesight changes and adjusted her contacts accordingly with regular eye tests and discussions on how she’s doing.  It’s made me a happy mum to see her happy!